CEASE Therapy

CEASE therapy is the name given by the late Dr Tinus Smits to the treatment formula that he pioneered and stands for the Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression.  Before his untimely death in 2010, Dr Smits and his colleagues in Holland had evolved a process of detoxification through trial and error using a simple homeopathic programme combined with some basic supporting supplements.  They began to see remarkable improvements in their patients with ADD, ADHD and conditions on the autistic spectrum.

Since then therapists have been trained in this CEASE method in Holland, some coming from overseas and taking the treatment to other countries.  The first UK training took place in October 2011 led by colleagues of Dr Smits - Ton Jansen and An van Veen who generously shared their knowledge and skills with 91 therapists of which I was one, enabling me to become a certified practitioner of the protocol.

"The birth of a healthy child is a miracle;
keeping a child healthy is an art."
Tinus Smits MD

Just before his death Dr Smits published his book 'Autism Beyond Despair' in which he relates his journey to arriving at this method of treatment and details some of his beautiful cases.  In the Foreword to the book, J B Handley (Co-Founder Generation Rescue – Jenny McCarthy's autism organisation) writes about CEASE:

"With its safety, inexpensiveness, ease of use and individualization, I hope many thousands more parents get the chance to experience first hand what so many of the parents working with Dr. Smits have seen: the full realization of who their child was meant to be."

For more information please visit www.cease-therapy.com